This program converts county abbreviations in ADIF contest logs to a valid ADIF "CNTY" field. This is graphical Windows program.

Version 5.5 of the program was released on 2 September 2014. Go to the Version History to download the installation program.



After downloading the installation program, simply run it and install the program into a directory of your choosing.


To run the program, just double-click on the program icon. You will see a window like the following:

ADIF County Conversion

You must choose the input file, the output file, and the state or regional QSO party name to convert from the drop-down menu. The name of the output file must be different from the name of the input file.

Then click on the Convert button. Any informational, warning or error messages will be printed to the text area at the bottom of the program window.

NOTE: If you run the program and see an error message like this:

The program can't start because mfc100.dll is missing from your computer.

then you need to install the following Microsoft run-time library:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)


The following contest exchange formats are supported. If your ADIF file uses a different field, send me the file and I will add support for it:

GenLog   <qth_rcvd:#>abbrev
N1MM   <EXCHANGE1:#>abbrev
NA   <comment:#>abbrev
TR   <name:#>abbrev
Writelog   <CNTY:#>abbrev (and others)

 CT to ADIF already exports the counties correctly for the contests it supports.

Coming Attractions (maybe)

 There are a couple features that I may implement in the future, if there is interest:

Version History

To download the installation program, click on the hyperlink containing the version number and date.

Ver. 5.5 - 2 September 2014
Fixed mapping of Oahu abbreviations to Honolulu Co. in HI QSO Party
Recognize APP_WRITELOG_C2 as an ADIF field representing a county line
Ver. 5.4 - 25 August 2014
Fixed crashes caused by incorrectly-sized string copies (three places)
Fixed end-of-line termination
Ver. 5.3 - 27 May 2014
Removed support for old 3-letter NEQP county abbreviations, some conflicted with the InQP abbreviations (i.e. HANcock)
Added NM and SD QSO parties
Started re-write to use common ADIF parser
Consolidated common code shared with Convert ADIF to DX4WIN
Ver. 5.2 - 13 May 2014
Real Windows installer
Added Arkansas and Arizona QSO parties
Resolved a conflict if a state QSO party uses the same abbreviation as a Canadian province
For contests that also use serial #s, don't try to convert the serial # to an ADIF county (resulted in spurious error messages)
Fixed a crash caused by a very long output path (more than about 66 characters)
Improved handling of independent cities in 7QP, NV and VA QSO Parties
Ver. 5.1 - 20 January 2014
Changed compilers from Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2010
Ver. 5.0 - 2 May 2013
Added support for combined 7QP/INQP/NEQP weekend
Adding /M to "mobile" callsigns is optional
Improved support for N1MM
Re-wrote to take advantage of common library functions

Ver. 4.4 - 27 October 2009
Added IA, KS, NY
Fixed a problem with 3rd and 4th counties of a county line in some WriteLog contests
MDC is a valid abbreviation for Maryland
Fixed crash if path to file name is too long
Help button goes to the correct URL
Ver. 4.3 - 22 March 2009
Added ID, ND
Ver. 4.2 - 3 March 2009
Added CO, MS
Fixed size of states drop-down box
Ver. 4.0 - 15 March 2007
Re-wrote the graphical interface
Fixed a bug with N1MM logs