This program will convert an ADIF filet to comma-separated value (CSV) format so that it can be read into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

Version 2.0 of the program was released on 4 August 2014. Go to the Version History to download the installation program.


After downloading the installation program, simply run it and install the program into a directory of your choosing.


To run the program, just double-click on the program icon. You will see a window like the following:

Version History

To download the installation program, click on the hyperlink containing the version number and date.

Ver 2.0 - 4 August 2014
Graphical user interface
Can convert any properly-formatted ADIF file
Ver 1.3 - 13 October 2012
ARRL added PFX field to report
Ver 1.2 - 16 December 2006
Initial release