This program converts a Cabrillo v2 or Cabrillo v3 log to CT10 .BIN file format. This program runs either under MS-DOS or in a CMD window under Microsoft Windows XP and later.

Version 5.0 of the program was released on <TBD> January 2019. Go to the Revision History to download the program.



Syntax (do not actually type the <> or [] characters):

   DOS:  cbr2ct     [-f] <call.LOG> [output.BIN]
   WIN:  cbr2ct_win [-f] <call.LOG> [output.BIN]

When using the DOS version of the program (cbr2ct), the input file name ("call.LOG" above) must be in the 8.3 format. Otherwise, trying to convert the file will result in a "Could not open input file" message. Long file names are supported when using the Windows version of the program (cbr2ct_win), but it's possible that CT won't be able to open the resulting .BIN file if it has a long file name.

If the output filename is not specified, then the output filename will be the same base name as the input filename, but with a .BIN extension (i.e. call.BIN). You can type the program name by itself to see the command syntax and contests that are supported. The program will ask you if you want to overwrite the .BIN file if it already exists. If you use the -f switch, the program will not ask, it will just write the file. The program will exit immediately if the input file is not in a recognized Cabrillo format. The program may also exit prematurely if it finds unrecognized Cabrillo tags, or invalid tag values.

The program extracts the contest information from the Cabrillo header. It only writes one address line in the CT log, based on the first ADDRESS field encountered in the Cabrillo file. This is because it's too hard to try to parse foreign addresses into Town, State, ZIP Code and Country fields.

The program will set the "other radio" flag for QSOs so indicated in the Cabrillo log. This is the same as typing ALT-Y in CT.

Supported Contests:

The following Cabrillo file formats are supported:


Revision History:

Version 5.0 - January 2019
Added native support for Windows XP and later
Cabrillo 3.0 header tag "CERTIFICATE" allowed
Version 4.4 - 27 April 2014
Added NAQP
Cabrillo 3.0 header fixes (HQ-)
Version 4.3 - 22 February 2013
ARRL 10 contest fixes
Cabrillo 3.0 header fixes
Version 4.2 - test version
Added NEQP
VHF contest fixes
Tabs can be used as delimiters in Cabrillo input file
Fixed possible crash at end of log
Version 4.1 - 10 November 2007
Initial Release