The Contest Club Score program reads a score summary from the 3830 reflector/website and filters out the scores for your contest club. It also shows the total club score. This is a command line utility meant to be run from a Command Prompt within Windows.

Version 2.0 of the program was released on 25 November 2009. Click on this link to download the program. Click on this link to see the Revision History.


Extract the contents of the .ZIP file to a directory on your computer. The ZIP file includes a few sample .BAT (batch) files for various contest clubs.


Here is the full command syntax for the program (do not actually type the <> or [] characters):

ClubScore "Club" [-o <output.txt>] <input1.txt> [<input2.txt> ...]

Note that the "quotes" are required around the club name if it contains spaces. The club name must exactly match what is shown in the score summary (including UPPER/lower case), or the program won't find the scores. The output file is optional; if omitted, the scores will be displayed on the screen.

To create the input file, you can either save the E-mail containing the score summary to a text file, or you can save the score summary from the 3830 website. When saving a web page, use the "Save as..." or "Save page as..." function in your browser (found in the File menu), and make sure to select "Text file" under "Save as type". Save the resulting summary to the same directory as the ClubScore program.

To run the program, open a Command Prompt in Windows, cd to the ClubScore directory and type something like:

ClubScore "Grand Mesa" -o gmcc.txt usa_summary.txt [dx_summary.txt]

This will create a text file called "gmcc.txt" with only scores from the "Grand Mesa" club found in the usa_summary.txt (and optionally, the dx_summary.txt) input files. At the bottom of the output file will be the total club score. You can see an example by following this link.

To use one of the .BAT files instead, or if you created your own, simply type:

ClubScore -o gmcc.txt usa_summary.txt [dx_summary.txt]

The batch file does not need the club name, since it's already included inside the .BAT file. Use one of the included .BAT files as a template for your own contest club.

As this is a new program, there are bound to be problems. Please let me know so I can fix them!


The program can not calculate the club's percentage of a DXpedition's score (CQWW contests).

Revision History

Version 2.0 - 25 November 2009
Fixed bug where first category in summary was ignored
Now writes multi-op callsigns for ARRL Sweepstakes
Version 1.9 - 1 October 2009 (test release)
Re-wrote parser to account for line wrapping.
Version 1.3 - 5 April 2009
Allow multiple input files
Version 1.2 - 25 March 2009
Don't print Operators heading if there are no multi-ops.
Strips off (most) HTML and mail headers.
Version 1.1 - 24 March 2009
Initial Release